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INTERVIEW: Brandy Talks to Googles Black Googlers Network (BGN)

brandy Brandy has had a career in the industry that spawns nearly 20 years and as you can imaging it has been a roller-coaster ride. Selling 40 Million albums worldwide, hit TV show Moesha, the first black Cinderella movie (which also featured her idol Whitney Houston) and received over 100 awards; but like Whitney all that seems to be over shadowed when the world thinks you have messed up even once. But her fans who she calls her STARS has stuck by her through all the downs making sure she gets back where she needs to be and that is making music and acting.

Well yesterday she took to Googles Black Googlers Network (BGN) to speak on everything from her past, present and future career, personal life as well as being star struck. This interview which shows Brandy's personality as well as her vulnerability last over 50min and is entertaining throughout. Take a look below.

It seemed I had it all, that's what they thought But I was peeling like paint on the wall Had to cover up the hurt - Brandy - "Wildest Dreams"