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Clark Kent’s Rock and Roll Revue #013 Deadcuts (part 2 of 2)

John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent
John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent

Clark Kent's Rock and Roll Revue is sub-edited by Kate Shall

Now that you have seen Part 1, we now rejoin Clark Kent's interview with Jerome and Mark of London based Punk Rock band...


Deadcuts 3

All pictures are taken by the fantastic Patricia Pericic

John Clay

Tell me about the poetry...



Poetry comes very naturally to Mark, and I believe it's equal to his lyrical ability which is rare with musicians. The only other person I can think of that can do that well is Peter [Docherty]. I like to read poetry but honestly have never attempted it...I prefer to write prose like the account entitled "Le Voyage Interdit" of our trip to Paris when I didn't have a passport and had to hide in the back of the Splitter.


I agree in that Peter strikes a good balance between his words and music, the main difference is I can only write words when I'm clean. There have been times when this band hasn't even owned a guitar between us and I've always filled my time with spoken word performances during the lean periods.


John Clay

So, poetry at the next gig then, or is there a dividing wall between both mediums? By the way, check out this band when you have the time. Despite a few notable differences in sound and approach, you have intersecting ideals:

CALL THE CORONER (The St Pierre Snake Invasion) From the new EP (Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion) released 30th April 2013 



It's always spontaneous with Mark, you get a feel if it's right or not depending on the show, he can break into them at rehearsals and I'm sure you should try requesting some if you're at a Deadcuts gig.


John Clay

Send that concessionary ticket, and I'll gladly shout out for a poem. I'm a bit vocal at gigs...I've always been a bit of a shouty person, should the moment take me. Penultimate question: Do you believe that every artist has a public and also a private persona? Is it possible to escape the dichotomy? I'm sure Pete D might have something to say about this.



Of course there's shit we do that you ain't never gonna know about, though generally our public and personal personas are pretty much the same.


John Clay

How about you Jerome? What do you think? Perhaps the more fame one amasses, the bigger the gulf between what people make of you and who you actually are?



It depends on how gullible people are. I remember the way the press attacked Peter and Amy Winehouse and Boyd Rice, making up these total lies about them. But when it comes to fans I think they tend to ignore that kinda stuff.


John Clay

Thank you Jerome! Right, final question guys...album coming soon? Is it gonna be a collection of songs, or are we thinking big concept here?



We have probably gotten three albums worth of material under our belt but probably will make a start on releasing one around next year. Now we've got our own recording studio in our drummer's warehouse conversion, and very cool it is too!

A performance of Dusk Chasers and Speed Sisters  

Deadcuts 4


John Clay

So no concept in mind then? Is it too early to say? C'mon, oblige a mild mannered reporter with an exclusive...three albums worth of material? It would be interesting to hear that you have a concept album in mind somewhere along the way. If not a concrete idea then perhaps an intriguing idea for one? Deadcuts write a whole album dissing shopping mall culture? You could record a guerrilla gig in Westfield shopping center!



Haha! We're not Guided by Voices who put out seventeen albums per year - but its nice to know we have no shortage of material. We have been asked to put a song forward for a compilation album that also features some of our favourite artists but I'm keeping quiet 'til it's done! I kinda think that Pink Floyd have topped the idea of concept albums with Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall, plus those ideas only really work when a band are at the top of their game and we're still relatively new. Besides, it's a struggle with four musicians in a band - I don't need an orchestra and twenty backing singers' egos to contend with.


John Clay

Hahaha! Thank you for that epic finish, and looking forward to receiving those concessionary tickets! Keep rocking guys.

The Deadcuts show was awesome and my mate Kate Shall was happy to have discovered a new band. The vox were a little lost in the mix which is a shame, as their vocals are a huge part of their appeal. That being said, the drummer was such a star! Let's face it, if you're listening to Rock n Roll and the drummer makes a huge impression on you, then he must be talented. It's not and drum bass, is it? Normally it's down to the singers and the guitars to draw a large sum of my attention. I'll definitely see them again and no doubt interview them regularly in the future. Oh, in case you were wondering, Pete was running late to the gig and Kate and I decided to head off. Maybe he turned up? Maybe he didn't? Doesn't matter. Deadcuts rocked.  Woohoo!

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