EVENT REVIEW: 'UK Stand Up' Presents Iconic Movements

Ok so for all of you who are unfamiliar with UK Stand Up (UKSU), you must be crazy (just kidding). UKSU is a  platform for new and established Choreographers who are making waves in the Dance industry; This Particular show rightly titled "Iconic Movements" went down at The Grand in Clapham Junction last night; and of course TSG were in the house.

The show is designed to highlight the best choreographers, dancers and Agencies in the UK. If you're a fan of dancers or the array of dance shows on television, you will no doubt have recognised quite of a few of the faces from the images below. Last night we saw dancers and choreographers who have featured on shows like X-Factor, Got to Dance, and even the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies take the stage. The UKSU team brought the whole dance world together once again and what I witnessed blew me away; I felt all featured performers definitely stepped up; almost as though they had something to prove one piece after the other.

CEO The Street Gypsies

The show opened with founder Kyle Mckitty welcoming us all. They then got right into it with an introductory  performance choreographed by Kyle and Luther which ended with a beautiful solo by Lion king dancer Busola. The performances then continued with a Kendrick Sandy homage to East London (and what a homage that was), then highlights from Shaun Niles with his signature commercial style, and that was topped with CEO: three female dancers who brought the house down with their high energy afrobeat driven set. The night just got better and better with a Lukas McFarlene's solo piece, then a Nathan 'Flo'Ography' Gordan piece which featured an emotionally driven set with his extremely diverse dancers, followed by a seductive performance from Emer Walsh and her femsters who delivered a set which I'm sure brought dribble to some of the fellows mouth in the house. Kay and Queen who brought us a contemporary piece featuring singer/dancer Holly, and then lastly we saw Kimberly Taylor and all her commercial girls who were reminiscent of Jessie J (Whom was also in the house) and her  Do It Like A Dude music video; which was also choreographed by Ms Taylor.


Other highlights included Julia SpiesserBrian Friedman (video) and Kate Prince (Zoo Nation) who were forced to perform via video due to the number of under 18 dancers in her company.

A very well done to the UKSU team, dancers and choreographer who performed. Last night was a true testament that UK definitely can STAND UP!!

Guess what happened next? that's right: PARTY PARTY PARTY (until my legs gave way).

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