EXHIBITION: Brianna McCarthy aka Macabrii Presents "Saints and Jumbies"

Brianna_McCarthy_Invite_V1_01_FINAL I may be slightly late in the discovery of Trinidad artist Brianna McCarthy aka Macabrii but I'm in the know now- thanks Instagram! Macabrii describes herself as a "free spirited myth maker" I would describe her as the maker of all thing wonderful.

Port-of-Spain's Medulla Art Gallery will be exhibiting Macabrii's "Saints and Jumbies" on May 22nd (more info below). If you are in Trinidad, Port-of-Spain a lover of art and everything creative be sure to check out this exhibition.

Not being an exact, objective or necessarily rational exercise, art may be the science of the intuitive. The artists constructs worlds and presents ideas that are sums of her experiences. Her aesthetic, psychological, political, physical, social, moral technical and spiritual experiences contrive, compete and collide to find a place in the works and expressions she shares. Invariably, she threads together a canvas of precise choices – every work, every stitch every stroke, every colour and contour – the result of a myriad of intuitive selections and rejections, or Saints and Jumbies”.

A collection of Brianna McCarthy's previous work



sula by Brianna Mccarthy


Brianna McCarthy’s Saints and Jumbies will open at Medulla Art Gallery on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 from 6:30p.m. to 9:30p.m. The gallery is located at #37 Fitt Street, Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain. To RSVP call 1 868 740 7597  or emailmedullaartgallery@gmail.com. The show runs through Thursday 13th June 2013.