FASHION: Swimwear for Every Type (Men's Edition)

It's the season! Despite the rainy weather, we're still crossing finger for some hot sun so we can trade the rain coat for a proper swimwear on the seaside or beach. There are countless options when it comes to picking a swimwear. Either you wanna look appropriate to the crowd around you or want to wear something that compliments your body type the most.

The swim shorts

You can either keep it simple with a simplistic colour or pattern or add a little life to it with colour prints. It is perfect for those who do not feel like revealing too much and still allowing their thighs to have a sunbath. If you haven't been killing your legs at the gym, I recommend this style since it doesn't focus on the thighs too much. The style below is part of the Spring 2013 Collection at H&M and can be purchased for 19.99$. The other one is from Venroy collection. Different lengths to fit one's personal style.


Venroy Swimwear

Men swimwear TSG


Swim TrunkĀ 

Here we have the swimwear for the men out there who are on a mission while attending the pool or the beach. If you wanna make sure all eyes are on you, they are very short and tight around the thighs - revealing a lot. This style is very bold and looks the best on athletic and muscular frames in my opinion. The style below is from the Charlie by Matthew Zink collection, and the other one is from Blue man

Charlie by Matthew Zink