FASHION Vs ART: Vigilism x Ikiré Jones present “Escape to New Lagos."

Menswear designer Ikiré Jokes and New York based artist Vigilismis team up to create a New Lagos, check it out.

Vigilism x Ikiré Jones present “Escape to New Lagos.”An imagining of Lagos in the year 2081 A.D.  The Great Crude Explosion has just occurred; leaving oil flowing freely through the streets of the slums.  Politicians have been exiled at the heels of bomb blasts and the populace’s uprising.  The building of a new Center of the World has begun, much to the bewilderment of Western nations.  This is the birth of New Lagos…and men of taste are wearing Ikiré Jones.


Twitter: @IkireJones / @vigilismdesign

What do you guys think of this?