REVIEW: Whirlygig Cinema's Making Tracks Short Film Night

Having lived in London for seven years, I like to think of myself as a fairly clued-up, capital-life connoisseur (I am kinda joking by the way...kinda). I’ve dabbled in a variety of events, from low-down dirty squat parties to high-brow nights at some posh theatre. So far, so smug. However, the beauty of living in a city as diverse and ever-changing as London means there is always the possibility to discover a new do that you’ve not encountered before. A reminder and a promise that there will be something fresh and potentially out of your comfort zone on offer, melting those ‘been there, done that, seen it all’ feelings you’ve nurtured in your hardened city heart for so long. Whirlygig Cinema’s film night, Making Tracks, is one such event.  An imaginative occasion with a twist, tucked away in the cosy, moodily-lit bar of Rich Mix Cinema, Shoreditch. A selection of original short films presented to the audience with a new score for each one, composed and performed live by talented musician group and Foley (live sound effect) enthusiasts, The Cabinet of Living Cinema. It is also the first time filmmakers are able to hear the reworked scores alongside their creations, which makes for a pretty interesting and unpredictable night.

The absolute charm of Making Tracks is its inclusive and supportive atmosphere - something I believe all creative communities and events should strive to have. Anyone passionate about film is welcome to submit their work for the night and other Whirlygig events. The Rich Mix bar setting means other film makers and enthusiasts can meet, mingle and sip the odd drink or two alongside the featured artists and live band. An informal Q&A finale is the cherry on top, providing an opportunity for further interaction, lively discussion and the chance to feel pretty good about spending a civilised evening doing something different, maybe even learning something new and waking up the next day hangover-free, with a new passion for short film!

Making Tracks - cool poster for a cool event

The next Making Tracks night will be Saturday 27th July but if you can’t wait that long for your short film fix the Whirlygig team also host a monthly night at Hackney Attic called Spotlights – three filmmakers have just half an hour to showcase and talk about their work and take part in a Q&A at the end of the night - the next one is Wednesday 1st May. If you’re looking to do something refreshingly different with your time this is it.

With thanks to Whirlygig Cinema/Katie Steed