This Is The Re-Mix! Beyonce: Drunk In Love feat. James Blake, Katie B & more

"Surfboart, surfboart”. If you haven’t heard those famous words by now then welcome back from under that rock you’ve clearly been hiding under. Beyonce has singlehandedly managed to inspire a lot of bathroom fun with the worldwide hit single “Drunk In Love” and husband Jay-Z isn’t the only one getting in on the action. Covers of the track are coming thick and fast so let’s take a look at a couple of our favourites.

James Blake

In true alternative style Mr Blake adds his unique haunting twist to the pop smash. To be honest- on first listen I found it pretty hard to decipher exactly how he borrowed from the tune. It sounds like a night in an East London basement somewhere to be fair. I just wish he’d sung a bit more of it!

james-blake beyonce remix


The Weeknd

This may be my favourite take on the track. Abel is that dude when it comes to drug laden hazy accounts of nights we could only dream of but it works so well! Its hard to deny that voice even when warped and filtered beyond recognition. kinda makes me wish he was on the original instead of… actually maybe not!

The-Weeknd drunk in love

Katy B

Number one album, single climbing on the charts, sold out tour and she’s still found time to cover Queen B’s tune! mashed up with upcoming star Tinashe’s “Vulnerable” Katy adds a little chilled vibe to the track. Its performances like these that remind me just how good she is vocally! Get it in Katy!

Katy B drunk in love

Kanye West

After finding myself having to defend Kanye at various times recently I made a vow to back Kanye West in any situation (and I mean any), just because it wound folks up so much! However, in what seems to be the official re-mix of “Drunk In Love” (Bey seems to be filming a video) Kanye oversteps the mark. Press play and see what I mean, but bear in mind North’s gonna hear this one day! *cover’s ears*

Kanye-West drunk in love

A little added extra, brought to you by the king of the south T.I!

Ti drunk in love

Out of the bunch- which is your favourite??