FESTIVAL: All Tomorrow's Parties Festival Line Up Announced

TSG ATP02 All Tomorrow’s Parties have recently announced the amazing line-up for their End Of An Era Part 2 Festival happening late November 2013. With the massive 90s resurgence of late it’s no surprise to find some super rock bands from the coolest era of the moment on the list. If you’re a fan of grungey guitar feedback, melancholy lyricism and music that’s a little rough around the edges then you’re probably as excited as me and already have a ticket booked. If you’re not so familiar, but interested all the same, here’s a brief run-down of ATP’s headline acts. Have a look, have a listen and hopefully discover your new favourite band..


Headlining and co-curating the End Of An Era event alongside ATP, this south London band are best known for their droning guitars, clattering percussive sound and heavy psych-rock style vocals. It’s all a bit dreamy and trippy and nightmarish – good music to get lost in, maybe even lull the listener into a trance. Imagine this tune through mighty speakers :-o


Sparse guitars and syncopated math-rock rhythms combine with haunting themes and satisfying crescendos, perfect for both shoe-gazing and moshing. I highly recommend you listen to both Slint albums (Tweez and Spiderland), they’re so good! Seriously, do it now!


Best known for their lengthy guitar instrumentals and beautiful piano melodies, Mogwai music varies from bleak nothingness to a cacophonous wall of sound. Have a listen if you’re into the hazey tracks of Sonic Youth or Sigur Ros.

This will be the LAST EVER End Of An Era festival so if you like what you hear and have the chance, go!


All Tomorrow's Parties www.atpfestival.com

End Of An Era Pt. 2 Tickets www.atpfestival.com/events/endofanerapart2.php