ART: Eoghan Ryan's 'Oh Wicked Flesh'

07_3 Yesterday I visited the South London Gallery in Peckham; and on the first floor galleries I got to see Eoghan Ryan’s Oh Wicked Flesh: an installation that draws upon the Irish artist’s ‘everyday encounters with people, places, animals, and objects’ in the course of his six month stay at the South London Gallery’s Outset Artists’ Flat as Nina Stewart Artist-in-Residence. Within a dark space, a short film is continually played that 'offers glimpses' of the artist's thought processes.

I really enjoyed the piece; despite an inability to derive a narrative or meaning from it. I was really drawn to its fragmented quality; and loved how it somewhat reminded me of the film Gummo; random and provocatve. Go check it out. It’s on till the 12th May.

Here's an example of Eoghan Ryan’s earlier work below: