ART: Kalup Linzy’s ‘One Life To Heal’

kalup-party_32 I've been following the work of American artist Kalup Linzy for many years now, and I've always been intrigued by not only his narratives, but his ability to transform into so many characters. I love his female characters especially; the video and performance artist is most notable for playing with gender roles in his art; dressing himself and other characters in drag.

The Florida born, Brooklyn based, artist recently unveiled his latest project One Life to Heal, his debut for Art Basel Hong Kong, and Linzy’s world of the fictional Braswell family will definitely have you entertained; tying in perfectly with the soap opera theme that runs through his body of work. Plus the fact that Michael Stipe and Leo Fitzpatrick feature in the piece just makes me  love One Life to Heal that much more.

Check it out below:

Kalup Linzy: One Life to Heal on