ART: Mati Klarwein

The first time I ever saw his art was when I came across the Miles Davis 'Bitches Brew'album; that was the exact moment I became a Mati Klarwein stan. As I looked upon the cover art of the said iconic album; 'John Mclaughlin' filling the space, I was met with such a sensuous experience: my eyes were instantly beguiled by Klarwein's psychedelic imagery; whilst my ears were seduced by Davis' intricate composition. I love his art for so many reasons;  I love that the late artist's imagination is always conveyed with such a vivid palette; I love how I can always spot one of his pieces; and most of all, I love the way that Klarwein's human subjects often have this serene countenance while immersed in a backdrop of acidic craziness.

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