ART: McFreshCreates

The first time that my eyes fell upon the work of McFreshcreates, there was an instant connection to his work (well, the sight of nude women and bold colours does have that effect on me). I love how this artist has a signature aesthetic; he always compliments the block colours in his work with a roughness of sketched outlines; meaning there's always an antithsis of polished and rough.

I'm also drawn to this artist's unashamed obsession for women (which seems to be the main subject of his work). McFreshcreates knows that women come in all shapes, sizes, hues, and personas; and with his palette and brush, he explores her complex facets; like a carnivore, he seems to have eaten at the flesh of these facets in order to convey his women wholeheartedly on to his canvas. His male subjects are equally dynamic.

I'm also crazy about the way McFreshcreates plays with the iconography of 'horror' and 'Hip Hop' in his paintings and collages; it's always with a light-heartedness and sense of jest.

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This is an artist that you should all keep an eye out for. McFreshcreates will be exhibiting next week on Friday 15th February @ the Sweet Life Art Exhibition @ The Grove.