ART: Odelia Toder Tells Stories With Her Signature Style

"Twenty-year-old Odelia Toder is a genius; she first discovered art at the age of sixteen and her love and passion for it grew with the time and experience. Her main focus for painting is people, especially portraits. Her work started as very realistic and slowly began heading towards becoming more expressive. Her works are about emotion, ideas, stages in human life. Odelia’s creation process is usually very spontaneous and can even be described as impulsive, as she creates at the very moment when the ideas strike. She just starts painting, not knowing where she is going to end up, and the painting builds itself as she goes. "

Check out some of her work below.

roots__by_odeliatoder-d5syfkh beyond_god__by_odeliatoder-d5vakpw the_girl_who_paints_the_night__by_odeliatoder-d5tr9tk 2013__by_odeliatoder-d5q6fgg