ART: The Layers of Artist Toyin Odutola

I've been following the work of studio artist Toyin Odutola since my tumblr addiction first led me to her personal page.

The acclaimed Nigerian-American artist, also known as Obia, the Third, is most known for her black portraiture; which she executes intricately with just a marker and ballpoint pen. Through layering, Odutola treats the skin of her subjects geographically; exploring the complexities of blackness.

And what draws me most  to her work, beyond the art, is the artist herself. Coming from a West African background myself, I understand how much expectation is put on our women to follow tradition and expected behaviour types; and I admire how this tatted and pierced African girl puts up her middle finger to expectation; and how even with her art, she's  determined to play by her own rules. Below is the artist's most recent work. Enjoy!

[nggallery id=52]