DANCE: Award Winning Choreographer - Jasmin Vardimon

Jasmin Vardimon Company_news_banner Contemporary dance can be a difficult genre to traverse. Sometimes, it can seem a little too abstract in its themes, maybe kinda boring and lacking in sex appeal or excitement. However, as with any creative movement, there are diamonds to be found in the rough.

One glittering gem worth seeking out is Jasmin Vardimon, choreographer and artistic director of the London based Jasmin Vardimon Company. Her work is often a thrilling, moving and funny combination of dynamic physical theatre, imaginative choreography and strong contemporary style. This week Vardimon received the International Theatre Institute Award for Excellence in International Dance – another well deserved award to add to the ever-increasing collection.  I could write pages and pages about the beauty of her productions, but words can only do so much. I’ve posted a few clips of her work below – enjoy and go see live if you get the chance! (check the website for dates

Freedom (2012): An exploration of freedom, imagination and the things that have the potential to oppress us. Set in lush, open spaces and dark jungle. I love the natural fluidity of the choreography and the recycled D.I.Y set design.

7734 (2010): A look at the inhumanity of humankind; those who inflict suffering on others and those who suffer. A dark and moving piece, though a message of hope in times of hopelessness is present. Also, look closely at the ridiculously clever windswept pic-nick scene!

Yesterday (2007): A 10 year retrospective featuring work from Vardimon's Justitia, Park, Lullaby, Tête, Lurelurelure and Ticklish. My favourite piece of choreography is the crazy flag -bearing maniac from Park, swinging a flagpole through the crowd.


Jasmin is also an associate artist of Sadler's Wells Theatre, London