NEW VIDEO: De La Soul "Get Away" Feat. The Spirit Of Wu Tang


I bake works of art While labels worry 'bout artwork Or top of the chart perks You need to insert a lot more of that Original tier, that you can't manage Just causes damage so just go, get away from here! You're fuckin' the game up Too low to aim up so just go, get away from here! - De La Soul

Calling all the real hip hop heads! We mentioned De La Soul were on their way back...well the wait is over. We have the official video from the MC's. "Get Away" speak on all the bullcrap going on in the hip-hop game right now. The metaphor of the Rubik’s Cube is genius, this toy which contains many layers of complexity that the average rapper cannot grasp- even if you get the colours right; Its just the kind of complex simplicity which De La Soul are know for. The MC's delivering knowledge and wisdom with a super simple flow. The track also features The Spirit Of The Wu-Tang, RZA. Take a look at the video below.