FASHION: Dockers® Get Dressed Like You Mean It! feat. Aaron and Reuben Christian, Peter Brathwaite and Jeremy Sheffield

dockers The retail industry has seen a significant growth in mens fashion over the last decade, simply because men are starting to pay more attention to personal style as much as, if not more than woman are! Fabrics, tailoring, patterns and colours are so much more important to us on a daily basis.

When I think about personal style I think about what inspires it; personally im inspired by my surroundings, my culture and history. I have worked in fashion for a while now and I have never been to a fashion school or taken any classes. Not to take anything away from those institutes but style is something I believe cannot be taught, but once you develop a personal style its with you for life. Individuality, comfortability, and above all CONFIDENCE are three things that goes hand-in-hand with personal style.

The Dockers® brand in Europe has teamed up with 10 men who between them express the very best in men’s style across Europe; a magazine fashion editor, a chef, an artist, an actor, a comedian, a renowned stylist… each celebrate what it is to look good; what clothes and style mean to them. Who their influences or influencers are. These guys ‘Get Dressed Like They REALLY Mean It’ with the Dockers® brand as the signifier in their day-to-day wardrobe wears.

The Dockers® ‘Men of Style’ for the UK are four guys who personify the essence of the brand, take a look.

Aaron and Reuben Christian are the brain-child behind Individualism, born out of a love of all things men’s style related, the brothers spotted a gap in the market in 2008 for a blog offering quick-read informative posts, product reviews of the latest ‘must-have’ to hit stores. As the demand and interest for men’s fashion grew, so did the site: with so many blogs claiming to publishing original content, the Aaron and Reuben made it paramount that all content emanating from their site would be new, innovative and push the boundaries of what a style blog should be.

Peter Brathwaite is one of the most handsome men in modern opera – and certainly the most stylish. A self-confessed addict of the Preppy Style which was born out of the American Ivy League colleges in the late 1940s, he is crisp, smart and incredibly stylish. Natural and understated, it is hard to imagine that this modest man is tipped as one of the brightest new stars of modern opera such is his nonchalant attitude. Peter made his French operatic debut in 2008 at the Opéra National de Lyon singing the role of Nelson in Gershwin's "Porgy & Bess," reprising the role a year later at the Edinburgh International Festival.

Completing the Men of Style programme for the UK is the actor Jeremy Sheffield. Jeremy’s philosophy about style is simple; put your clothes on and then forget about them, meaning let ones style be the protangonist rather than an unhealthy slave to fashion trends. Jeremy trained as a ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden before becoming an actor, performing successful across Europe until an accident forced him to retire aged 27. Undaunted he turned his focus to acting instead (he also modelled for a number of years for such brands as Hardy Amies).

The Dockers® Brand has embodied the spirit of khaki for more than 25 years.  Since their introduction in 1986, Dockers® has been perfecting khakis—and the essential goods to go with them — all over the world.  No compromises in quality. Just versatile, essential style. Day to night.  Monday to Sunday. Wearing the pants has never looked so good.