EVENT REVIEW: Red Bull's Sound Select Featuring Bridgett Kelly, Wavy Spice, Stori and Chippy Nonstop

rbss-poster-gig-v3.2 Last night TSG was invited to attend the all-female Red Bull's Sound Select at Drom NYC; and what a night it was. With press and fans in tow waiting performances by Wavy Spice, Stori, Chippy Nonstop and headliner Bridgett Kelly, the room was energized.

The show opened with the oh-so charismatic rapper Wavy Spice; serving her own dish of girl power. The Afro-latina rapper woke the house up with her energetic set. performing tracks from her up-coming EP, which will feature her debut single "Versace Hottie." Wavy also made sure the audience knew how long she has been waiting to be a part of an all-female line up. She also demonstrated how powerful females really are. Kudos to this Lantina Mammi.

Wavy Spice: The Butterfly Knife PREQUEL

Next on stage was New Jersey's own Stori who was accompanied by her two female background singer and hype girl. I first saw Stori perform on a yacht that was rocking side to side. At the time, I had  cocktails in my hand I couldn't fully grasp this young performers stylo, but after our brief conversation afterwards I knew that there was something special about her. When her manager invited me down to her performance at the Red Bull show I knew I had to check her out. Her presence and delivery that night proved why she was recently scooped up by Motown Records. Stori definitely lives up to her name, narrating her journey as a young woman, growing up in Jersey and how music had a profound impact on the young woman we see today. We will definitely have more on Stori in the coming month so look out for that and also look out for her eagerly anticipated mix-tape Bad Ass Dame dropping soon.

Stori: Bloodclot

3rd female on stage was the one and only Ms Chippy Nonstop and that name suits her to a T! Chippy did everything a person could do in what seemed to be a 2 hour set (pretty sure everyone else had 30 Mins). Our first intro to Chippy came in the form of a twerking white booty shorts, boob tube and a flimsy white fur. I have to say I thought we were going to be treated to a dance number from Chippy but she grabbed the mic and showed what she is known for.  As her set went on; she had girls on stage, dosed herself with water, took off her platform (shoes), and even lined up a few men in the front so she could crowd dive! Although the set should was cut short, I looked around and saw everyone getting down. So, I guess she did what she was supposed to do! Personally, I think she should have gone on first; because her set was a far stretch from the headline artist Ms Bridget Kelly.

Chippy Nonstop: Bubblegum Feat Kitty

RocNations own Bridget Kelly has been creating her buzz for a while now and every time I see or hear anything from this New York native it solidifies why people love her. This young woman is very talented, sexy and real.  "I feel you cannot be an artist without being a fan first" Bridget noted before going into her rendition of one of her Idols Ms Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor." Bridget seemed to have the audience in the palm of her hand singing every lyric to her songs throughout the whole set. At one point I looked to the left and saw a man hopping with both his crutches in his hand- I later saw him looking like he just stepped out of surgery (lies and deceits). All in all, Bridget ended the show perfectly with fans favourite "Special Delivery" leaving everyone wanting more.

Bridgett Kelly: Street Dreamin' ft Kendrick Lamar


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Photography by Troy Oraine