FASHION: TSG's Summer Eyewear Roundup S/S 2013

Oliver-Peoples-Sunglasses-Sheldrake_11310 I think we can finally say that we see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the winter season almost over (and I use 'almost' very lightly here in Canada), we can finally focus on some good times, abundance of heat and at last some sun! In this segment we will have a look at some of the hottest eyewear this coming summer season. There is endless possibilities when picking which sunglasses to rock. With so many different style, colors, frame, size it's many many many shades to pick from.

Ray Ban's wayfarer are an absolute classic. Depending on the shape of your head you can chose the small frame or the bigger one. They have many different colors to pick from on those days your feeling uber cool.


Diesel sunglasses S/S 2013 collection are for the more eccentrics out there. I personally love them and think only someone with a killer confidence could pull them off. There are plenty of ordinary frames out there so when you're feeling bold I advise you to just go for it.


Aviators are probably my favourite style. Gold, black, silver you can never fail with them. The one in the picture below are from Christian Dior but you can find them in most brands of eyewear. The bigger the better.

Christian Dior Aviator

More and more popular those round frame are starting to be seen a lot more in these streets. I need to start shopping for my pair as well because I love the edge they bring to an outfit by giving it that throwback 70s look.

sunglasses tsg round frame


In the words of Labrinth "let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby"