FASHION: Hong Jang Hyun’s ‘Manga Girl’ for Amica’s June Issue

amica-2013-giugno-132 Korean photographer Hong Jang Hyun has shot, fellow Korean, model Hye Seung for Italian fashion magazine Amica. The editorial titled Manga Girl will feature in next month’s issue of the fashion publication, and was styled by Ye Young Kim; with hair from Jung Han Kim and makeup from Hye Ryung Park.

Great editorial; makes me want to go dig out my copy of Akira.

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 19

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 20

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 22

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 21

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 15

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 16

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 18

amica-2013-giugno (dragged) 17