FASHION: Louis Vuitton - A Master of Catwalk

fashion_week_pr__t____porter_automne_hiver_2013_2014_paris_louis_vuitton_marc_jacobs_elie_saab_miu_miu_jitrois_5681_north_788x429 I've always been intrigued by the art of catwalk shows (I remember being a littlun and glued to the television screen as Jeanne Beker would cover the various shows on Fashion Television); and for me, Louis Vuitton always conveys a mastery when it comes to these presentations. There's always a narrative in a Louis Vuitton show; it's like a film; and each model in their spotlight moment is the leading lady. This is cemented by the fact that The Tree of Life soundtrack was used in the Fashion House's Paris Fashion Week show; just more reason to love the way this label presents.