FASHION: The Edge and Simplicity of Alexander Wang

alexander-wang-backstage-autumn-fall-winter-2013-nyfw38 I’ve always had a penchant for watching interviews or footage of my favourite creatives in their younger years; I think it’s because I love seeing them at the beginning stages that I’m currently venturing. With all the current success surrounding his recent collection, I’d like to share this old interview of American designer Alexander Wang; filmed when the designer was 23.

Although my art form is different, my creativity is always inspired by Wang’s work ethic and aesthetic; hence why I always return to this video. Plus, he’s my namesake (Alexander the Greats). Wang continues to design with edge and invention; especially in terms of creating new fabrics; and I love how he continues to deliver that downtown edge and simplicity that quickly became his signature when he popped up on the fashion scene.

Have a look at this panel discussion on his recent collection below: