FRESH: Pitbull's Sexy Protégé Veronica Vega drops New Single "Wicked"

Veronica-Vega-Wicked-Lyric-Video Does anyone else miss the days of Top Of The Pops and CD:UK? When you could sit back and enjoy some energetic young thing run around a stage with a budget looking like they were enjoying themselves? Me too! Long before we were all so concerned with the BBC sound list and whether our favourite singer was friends with Solange- Pop music ruled the world! Well, get in line for a dose of that good old stuff in the form of Latina lovely Veronica Vega.

Veronica has burst on to the scene with new video "Wicked" featuring *ahem* Pitbull. No wait! Don't stop reading just yet- I promise this is good. With a reggaeton undertone helmed in with true pop sensibilities it seems Miss Vega could be on to a winner. The fun video pays real homage to her roots and its clear that her team are eyeing the spot left in the wake of mainstream TV judge Shakira and EDM granny J-LO. Now if that isn't enough to whet your appetites look at the very set video below equipt with some fire behind the eyes that I haven't seen since before Britney shaved her head or when Beyonce was under Matthew Knowles iron fist!