HEADS UP: Michel Gondry's Upcoming Film 'Mood Indigo'

8414231328_84f56f9dde_o Mood Indigo is scheduled to be released next month; and I'm bursting with excitement to see the upcoming film.

'A woman suffers from an unusual illness caused by a flower growing in her lungs' is the storyline for the feature, and I wouldn't expect anything less random from French director Michel Gondry; his quirky plots and inventive visuals is what keeps us flocking in our droves to see his projects.

This jazz inspired film reminds me a lot of Gondry's Science of Sleep; and if it indeed shares that cult film's romance-genre-meets-vibrant-and-wackadoodle-imagination essence, then the wait for Mood Indigo has been worthwhile. Plus, the fact that Gondry has paired up with actress Audrey Tautou should be reason enough to buy that cinema ticket (love that woman).