Independent Heat!- Indie Artists Looking To Make it Big in 2014

With the ever-changing world that is the music industry we’ve seen the number of independent artists on the scene multiply . Truth is, independent acts are able to do things their 00’s counterparts could only dream of. From the money to the risks they can take- being indie these days is way more than looking like you don’t wash and playing a guitar.

David B - “Ijo Ya”

It's safe to say that Afrobeats is here to stay and with that revelation comes the inevitable branching off from the genre. David B has managed to effortlessly marry traditional vibes with pop sensibilities and a very clear Brandy influence. The track which translates to ‘Time To Dance” in Yoruba is sure to make you want to do jus that- dance! With a video co-directed by the man himself as well as the song being already available to download and various re-mixes and acapellas on their way its clear his team have a plan for success in place. Press play below people- Ijo Ya!!

English Frank - "Goodbye"

With a website boasting of over 10 million YouTube views with less than 3 years experience Brixton rapper English Frank seems to be on to a good thing. One play of his new single featuring industry favourite Mic Righteous “Goodbye” and you realise just why he’s managed to drum up such heat. The matter of fact personal approach he takes with his rhymes are catching the attention of many hip hop fan. All this comes in the lead up to new album “Frankenstein”. With no manager and no major label backing he’s managed to offer up a cohesive record delivered with some potency marketing wise that many of his major label peers should take note of!

50 Cent- "Hold On"

Beautiful women? Check. Lavish setting? Check. Mink? Check. 50’s left Interscope and things seem to be the same at first glance. I mean the quality of the video for new single “Hold On” is definitely a little less shiny than we’re used to- but I have a feeling this was conscious- its not like he hasn’t got the money to fund a video! But forget all that folks, 50 has a good song again!! This hood, old school, sample heavy tune is tough and thats only emphasised with the back to the road video. Maybe he was right, maybe Jimmy Iovine and the crew over at Interscope were messing him around. But either way, with material as good as this 50 may be the artist to beat this year- Independent or otherwise!