Interactive Fashion Films, The POST Exhibition

Art director Remi Paringaux recently furrowed the brows of Italy's art and fashion elite. Staged in a reclaimed Renaissance church at Milano's Accademia di Brera, the POSTmatter exhibition fused digital technology with imagery in a series of interactive installations.

Paringaux, a noted fashion art director and the founder of London-based digital agency Meri Media, along with POSTmatter--a digital publication originally launched in 2010—opened the POST Exhibition using three curated fashion films displayed on giant high definition screens. With aid of intuitive interfaces activated by movement and touch, each film could be altered by human touch or movement. The exhibition draws on POSTmatter's past involvement in major international cultural events like the Venice Biennale, Art Basel Miami Beach and the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

“POSTmatter was originally launched, with the advent of the iPad, to question what was possible for a media brand on that platform. We wanted to approach touchscreen technology with fresh eyes and without the hangover of a print mindset dictating how or why things should be done, as well as proposing new formats to existing clients such as Gucci, Stella McCartney and Comme des Garçons” explained Paringaux.

Within the exhibition three fashion films — Echo, Ripple and Gravity —treated guests to three very unique experiences. Echo engaged visitors by using simple hand movements to warp a colorful movie into a spinning kaleidoscopic swirl. In Ripple a fabric pad--when pressed and stroked, blended two films into a cloudy haze. Gravity was fractured into digital geometric patterns that distorted as visitors walked past then reconfigured when they moved out of range. "Some of the most exciting and innovative work taking place today uses code rather than paint, screens instead of canvases – reaching multiple senses and interacting with the audience," said POSTmatter.

The Milan exhibition ended on March 16, but there are plans for a global tour. Visit POSTmatter  today to stay in the loop. The POSTmatter app is a must. #CATCHTHAT