INTRODUCING: Australian Soul Group, Haitus Kaiyote

Nakamarra-Hiatus-Kaiyote I adore my friends; especially when they point me in the direction of music such as Hiatus Kaiyote. My friend recently sent me the link to their Bandcamp site and I haven’t left there since (my ears refuse to).

This Melbourne Quartet – consisting of vocalist Nai Palm; and instrumentalists Perrin Moss, Simon Mavin, and Paul Bender – don’t easily fit into musical boxes;  but one thing that they definitely are, is SOUL; also delving into the realms of Jazz, Folk, and Electronica (check out their tack Leap Frog). The funny thing is that soul isn't the word that jumped up at me instantly when I first saw an image of the group; however as that old adage states “don’t judge a book by their caucasion-punkrock looking cover”.

I’m so in love with Haitus Kaiyote’s sound. It’s as though they’re taking soul music to a new dimension; I get the same feeling that I’m sure the Motown followers of the late 70's got when they first heard Marvin Gaye’s A Funky Space Reincarnation; it’s a different sound. Similar to Robert Glasper and his amazing album Black RadioHaitus Kaiyote are a futuristic sound; and in fact, the group actually describe themselves as an ‘Independent Future Soul Group'.

Another thing that is equally magnetic about the group, is their songwriting and storytelling. Their lyrics are not just words; it's poetry; and this coupled with a unique sound is what I believe makes Haitus Kaiyote's music a necessary download.

I just hope that the group continues to experiment and take us to further dimensions. Check out my favourite song from their album Tawk Tomahawk, Nakamarra:

Twitter: @HiatusKaiyote