INTRODUCING: AVOC Chapter I (FW 14) | Fashion Narrated Scenography

Avoc introduces its Chapter I Collection (FW 14) in a scenography called “Domestic Madness” shot by photographer Ben Sandler. Dramatically set, the series tells the story of the disturbing and violent destruction of a relationship between a man and a woman. This shows how Avoc created the decor but it's also the first step of the collaboration between french composer Everydayz and the label. Everydayz composed an original track for this video. In parallel, Avoc designed a set of stage uniforms for the music composer. Everydayz did not limit its creativity and composed a second track. They both decided to present this work as an EP called "Everydayz x Avoc: Cycles".

2 - Avoc - Domestic Madness

14 - Avoc - Domestic Madness 13 - Avoc - Domestic Madness 12 - Avoc - Domestic Madness 7 - Avoc - Domestic Madness