INTRODUCING: Download Leikeli47′s Lk-47 Pt. II Mixtape (Must Listen)

I do love listening to music "blind". by blind I mean with no information- armed with just my earphones and a sound cloud link, I'm forced to make up my mind on what i'm hearing rather than the past year of subconscious messaging in the media convincing me through other avenues. Today's blind item comes in the form of a new mix tape from the enigma that is hip hop artist LeiKeli 47.  I've never heard of her, I don't know what she looks like and only her east coast drawl and Biggie reference let me know she's probably from New York (location confirmed via her sound cloud page). Hell, even all her press shots and video have her decked out in balaclava's! For all I know it could be Nikki Minaj tryna gain back some street cred! But rest assured "Starships" this is not.


Leikeli has managed to put together a solid set with LK-47, 15 cohesive sounding tracks that show influences far broader than just the east coast. Whether its the caribbean influence of "Cuaranta Y Siete" (Spanish for 47) or the Black Keys-esque sounding "Hold You Down" Leikei manages to helm in the references with her distinctive tone and evident personality.

The mix tape formally opens with the extremely hip hop "Drums II Clean" which although probably would not have been conceived had it not been for "Yeezus"- see production and distortion- but it had me excited enough to continue listening. And I'm glad I did as I was greeted with gems such as "C & C" and the subtle R & B track "T.h.a.i"- oh did I mention she also sings?! I could go on about how dope this is but treat yourself and have a listen- I promise you'll thank me.

Leikeli47: C & C