INTRODUCING: J.Appiah "I Ain't Rich Yet" Debut Video

1-img_9793 When your heart tells you something you just have to listen to it. That can be said for a whole host of things but Jesse Appiah's heart tells him sharing his music is what he's meant to do and man are we happy about that. I first met J on the set while filming X-Factor a few years back. While we converged in the canteen talking about our dreams and aspirations I knew this guy was destined for great thing, a soul so talented but yet so humble and grounded. Usually a set back for most artist trying to make it in this entertainment industry but when you absolutely love what you do; there is no other options.

Work hard keep your head down That’s how she raised me I'm trying hard to break out Of this cage that enslaves me With no tie and no suit so they calling me lazy Just words and my guitar I hope they break these bars

The super talent singer-songwriter/guitarist and all round nice guy has been working hard at his craft for a while now and everytime I see him there is a new motivation. Well I'm please to share his debut video for first official single "I Ain't Rich Yet" taken from his Studiocoustic EP. Which talks about society, peers and sometimes family trying to conform you to what is seen as the norm, but also the hopes of never give up your dreams. This song along with "Sweet Mother" has been my JAM since it's release earlier this year, now it is accompany by a refreshingly well shot video which features Chelsea's footballer Florent Malouda.

I know you will love this one. Enjoy.


Download Jesse's EP here.