INTRODUCING: Rickstar - "I Just Wanna" [MUSIC VIDEO]

RICKSTAR-TheStreetGypsies Rickstar, the 22 year old singer/songwriter from South London, is on a mission to bring something different to the current music scene. His 2011/12 ‘New School' sound blends influences from the 1960s, with elements from the early '90s. Growing up and living between America and London, Rickstar was raised on an array of musical genres and cultures. Motown was a major influence and he was greatly inspired by artists such as Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and The Supremes and this is very apparent in the sound and visuals he has been delivering so far.

I had the pleasure of working with Rickstar on his last release "Hanging On" and I have to say his work ethics is insane, this guy works his butt off and clearly deserves every success coming his way, and did I mention he isn't signed? and they say we cannot do it alone. Enough of me going on; watch Rickstar do his thing in new single "I Just Wanna" filmed in Dumbo, Brooklyn and shot by director Peter Dmitriyev. Enjoy.

Rickstar - "I Just Wanna"

Choreographer: Paul Herman of DUDC Assistant Choreographer: Raymund Lagdamen Principle Dancers: Brian Herman Paul Herman Raymund Lagdamen Quran Chamberlain Stylist Christian Knowles.

Rickstar we salute you.