Introducing TSG's "Letter To An Artist"___ Dear Eliza Doolittle

eliza-doolittle-500x492 Ok so I'm sure everyone has imagined having a little one on one time with their favourite (or least favourite) musician. Whether you want to whisper sweet nothings in to the ear of the hottest starlet or tell rebelling disney princesses that they need to stop shoving their crotches at every camera phone with more than 2 bars of battery. Well, since I have no direct line of contact with some of these folk I am going to take to TSG to pen a personalised letter to them… first up Eliza Doolittle

Dear Eliza Doolittle,

Haven't seen you in a while! Well to be honest I barely noticed as I can't really remember much about you other than that song where you didn't write the chorus (Pack Up) or the fact that your Sylvia Youngs granddaughter. I really didn't get the hype with your first album. I heard one song and then all of a sudden you were being touted as the next Lilly Allen (PS no-one can take Lil's place). But you disappeared quietly enough and all was well.

Well, I thought all was well. Until you emerged like one of those Trojan Horses, cleverly hiding in Disclosures BANGER "You and Me". Where the hell had this been hiding. I mean we're both of a similar age so I would assume you knew what garage was, but to be so effortlessly and seriously involved in one of the ultimate tunes of this year caught me off guard! It re-ignited the 13 year old me, high on panda pops dancing round to So Solid! The first time I heard the song I was in the car and immediately started singing along- I mean I knew this right? I got half way through the first verse and realised I hadn't a clue what the lyrics were. So, I spent the whole duration of the song trying to work out what year I was in when this came out, who I was kissing and which pair of TN's i was wearing when i first danced to this. That was until the radio presenter told me it was Disclosure featuring YOU! I now plan my nights out around hearing this song.

"You and Me"

Fast forward a couple months and I decided to pay attention when I heard you were releasing a new single- "Big When I Was Little". It was more of your old colourful ska tinged stuff so I didn't really pay it much mind. Not until I found myself singing it in my sleep! Damn you and your catchy melodies! And then you go and reference "Avirex Jackets" and "Malcolm In The Middle?" What sort of 80's baby voodoo was this! I was now sold.

"Big When I Was Little"

So I now love you. I think you're great and you have further cemented this new found love with the new Wookie collab "The Hype". Now I hear that there's a heatwave coming and this would sound immense with a few ciders!

"The Hype"


So in closing, thanks for making me feel 13 again with these garage bangers! I never realised you can actually sing until now and I promise to spread the word on my new obsession with you. Good luck with the new album which is set to come out October 14th!