EXHIBITION: Nobuyoshi Araki's Japanese Erotica at Michael Hoppen Gallery - Go!

If you're into beautiful, ugly and erotic Japanese bondage art then the FREE Nobuyoshi Araki photography exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery is a must see. However, if you're just curious to see some organic human flesh contorted into interesting shapes and positions (and who isn't??) it's worth exploring. Araki's Kinbaku series, which depicts the brutality and beauty of ancient Japanese bondage, will be displayed alongside eighteenth and nineteenth century Shunga prints, the original form of Japanese erotic art. Sometimes criticised for the pornographic nature of his work, Araki's images may make for uncomfortable and sometimes disturbing viewing for some, but I personally think it's great to see an artist take risks, creating something that has the ability to capture our most taboo desires and voyeuristic curiosities.


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Noyuboshi Araki at Michael Hoppen Gallery

until 8th June 2013