NEW MUSIC: Jay- Z Shares "Open Letter"

Well it seems the Carter household are sick of keeping quiet! The notoriously private couple let slip when Beyonce told a bunch of bitches to “Bow Down” and now Jay Z has released his own “Open Letter”. The track, rather than taking aim at his contemporaries touches on a few of the Jigga related hot topics in the media. From his recent Cuban trip “Turned Havana to Atlanta…. Boy from the hood but got White House clearance” to Roc Nation’s new home at Universal “Got a Onion from Universal, Read it and weep”. Ok, so it’s not single material but it does excite me to hear his voice on something new. All signs point to more new music from Rap’s reigning King and this Swizz Beats/Timbaland produced track is just the beginning. You Ready?

P.s- According to the Huffington Post Trey Songz is featured singing the ‘Opera’ inspired vocals at the end. This made me like the song less.