LCM Inspired - Featuring Some of Music's Most Fashionable Men

Its no secret that music and fashion have been involved in the deepest love affair for quite some time and with LCM having just finished in the UK capital, what better time to celebrate some of the most stylish men making sweet music on both fronts!

Tinie Tempah


A double whammy with this video in the form of fashion darling Tinie Tempah and his trusty collaborator Labrinth. I haven't been able to move an inch this week without seeing pics of Mr. Tempah front row at the hottest shows at LCM; from Mr Hare to his new pal Sir Paul Smith he's definitely making friends in all the right (fashionable) places! The South London MC is back with the third single of off 2013's Demonstration album "Lover Not A Fighter". The slick video directed by super director Emil Nava sees the fellas in the middle of a Bull ring displaying their signature styles. Look out for Tinie's vintage looking Dashiki- Love it!

Mr Hudson

Sometimes simplicity really is key an what better way to celebrate this than a classic monochrome palette- and who better to demonstrate than a man with a Yeezy co-sign?! Mr Hudson returns to feeding our ears and eyes with the Rankin directed video for "Move" found exclusively on Hunger Magazines official YouTube channel. Mr Hudson has long been a staple on the UK fashion scene and demonstrates this effortlessly in the video- whether its sports luxe or the white suit he's rocking clearly he's picked up a few tips from his GOOD Music boss!

Kanye West


In a year that saw leather skirts at the forefront of saturday night mens fashion and had street dudes shouting 'Fuck Hedi Slimane" it's fair to say Kanye West definitely made an impact on the fashion world in 2013. Having racked up more column inches than any musician this year for fashion related issues Kanye is undoubtedly the reigning king of the musical runway. Having released a site-breaking A.P.C line and with the sneaker world salivating at the prospect of those Red October Air Yeezy's its a safe bet to assume we'll be seeing a lot more product from the live wire that is Mr West. Check out the video for Bound 2 below- but this time try not to be distracted by a half naked Kim Kardashian and focus on the perfectly executed double plaid trend Kanye is rocking! Shout out to the genius UK director Nick Knight.


Alex Turner


It's safe to say there's nothing new under the sun- but as time has clearly shown a little throw back style can go a long way. Who'd have thought with their 2005 chav-chic debut that any of the Arctic monkey's would make fashion year end lists? But front-man Alex Turner has certainly managed to; from greasy looking rebel to a bonafied rock star with the help of a stylist and some serious hair gel. Alex is looking sharp these days! Armed with a Rockabilly styled quiff and teamed perfectly with either his newly acquired teddy boy suits or James Dean-esque leather jackets its hard not to run into a guy in any UK city who hasn't borrowed from the "Do I Wanna Know" singer. Check out Alex and the rest of the Arctic lads serving up some serious Tractor couture in the video for "One For The Road".

Pharrell Williams


Men want to dress like him and women- well they want their men to dress like him and he manages to do it all whilst making you feel like he's your best friend. Pharrell has been displaying true style for years and its been super interesting watching it evolve from riding around shirtless and tattooed to getting married in an all tartan suit. The man oozes effortless cool and his aesthetic prowess doesn't stop at just clothes (he owns super cool brand Billionaires Boys Club) but he also designs furniture now! So, you could listen to Pharrell, whilst wearing Pharrell, whilst erm- sitting on Pharrell- Genius! Not much needs to be said about the 40 year old style guru so just take a look at the video for UK number one "Happy" and try and find a fault- go on I dare you!