PHOTOGRAPHY: Jim Hendin shoots Marvin Gaye What's going Album Cover.

JIM HENDIN 1971 WHAT'S GOING ON Jim Hendin photographs Marvin Gaye for the cover of his album What's going on in Detroit. Jim Hendin began his career working with George Kowamoto as a commercial photographer. After getting his degree in photography he becomes the designated photographer for Motown Records. Peep some of the images below.

MARVIN GAYE JIM HENDIN REAL 1971 MARVIN GAYE WHATS GOING ON TAKEN BY JIM HENDIN 1971 marvin gaye whats goin on jim hendin 1971

Now it wouldn't be fair to show you pictures of the legend without sharing what he does best. Sit back, relax and turn this song up really loud and enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

 Marvin Gaye - Lets's Get it On