FASHION: Menswear Fashion trends 2013

There are some we love others we are not too fond of and just like seasons, trends come and go. Here are a few trends that are promised to be seen in 2013


Leather: This is certainly a trend that seems to be here to stay for more than a season! Not that I am complaining because I LOVE LEATHER *wink* T-shirts, pants, shorts, jacket it is everywhere even in our accessories!

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Plaid: It's slowly but surely making it's way back into men's closets. We are still not sure whether* we like it or not but I don't hate it that's for sure

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Shorts: Now shorts are another trend that have a hard time ceding  its place for another trend. I'm personally a TINY itty bitty tired of it especially since every year they're getting shorter and shorter and....SHORTER. Still better than when we used to wear oversized shorts that looked like Capris on us. My north Americans will remember

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Sleeveless blazers: Absolutely not my cup of tea. I hope this trend is like summer in Alaska : for a  very very short period.

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