INTRODUCING: Aaron X - Blast [ Lyrics Video + Free Download]

image001 So, this morning someone sent me the link to mysterious new artist Aaron X. By mysterious I mean I’ve never heard of him and yet the YouTube link to his single “Blast” magically appeared in my inbox having been uploaded just hours before.

So, lack of information aside is it any good? Well, yes- it is actually. Maybe it was the twisted lyric “Blast, Your head top off” that got me, but the moody 90’s RnB influenced track seems like a nice starting point for the newcomer. Riddled with a tale of heartbreak from a guys perspective the song has a few really nice moments (special mention to the harmonies on the “distance from your love” line!). That alongside the way the visual direction seems to be shaping up (check out the Facebook) the whole thing has a distinct whiff of a major label trying to set ground roots for their next priority act. Either way, the songs pretty good and has me looking forward to what comes next. Maybe a proper video? Take a look below:

Blast is available as a free download HERE