INTRODUCING: Joel Compass - "Fucked Up" [Music]

Joel-Compass-Fucked-Up-by-Ryan-Patrick Sometimes pre-watershed language will just not do when trying to get your point across. I'm definitely one of those people that loves a good bit of profanity in a song. Cue the (not) made for radio new single from UK newcomer Joel Compass "Fucked Up". 19 year old south Londoner Joel seems to be heavy influenced by The Weeknd. From the Moody videos to the looped vocal sample/hook on the beat it's hard to deny Mr Tesafaye's hand in this. Nonetheless, Joel has a Vevo page, which would imply he has a label which would imply (cue shocked face) that the UK may be coming round to some home grown alt-RnB mainstream artists! Take a look below and also check out the infinitely better "Back To Me" which seems to have gone a little unnoticed online for the past 3 months.

Joel Compass - "Fucked Up"

Joel Compass - "Back To Me"