MUSIC: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - 'Same Love' feat. Mary Lambert


I was doing my ironing while dinner was in the oven and the radio was down low. The presenter made a comment on how the next record was deep. Soon as I heard the piano keys I turned up the volume. The intro to 'Same Love' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (with vocals by Mary Lambert) was giving me church and worship. Then the rap came in. It's not the first time rap has been influenced by more traditional sounding music but perhaps when I have heard the word "gay" in the 1st lyric. Like most hip hop records, I initially got the vibe but it was not til I sat down later to listen again that I felt it's full force!

Like many before such a "where is the love" or "Stand Up", it is music with a message, a call to arms not routed in hate or violence. However, unlike the offerings from an all star cast in aid of cancer or The Black Eyed Peas, it is not a commercially viable subject matter to tackle in music. Macklemore isn't your standard hip hop artiste. He's white. In all seriousness he recently got engaged to his long-term girlfriend. For It stirred my soul and goes hard with the concepts that are discussed. A worth cause tackled with gravitas and no fear.