MUSIC: Then Vs Now... Who wins?

We definitely live in a time where a lot of todays biggest hits are made up of huge chunks of yesterdays favorites- sometimes whether or not the original writers like or approve of it. But how do these young folk measure up to the original genius of yesteryear? Let us know who gets your vote… Then or Now? Who wins?  

A$AP Rocky Vs The Verve Vs The Rolling Stones

Harlem newcomer A$AP Rocky released his number one album LONG.LIVE.ASAP on January 15th 2013 to the tune of 139,000 copies in his native country. Unsurprisingly fan favorite "New York Bitter Sweet Symphony" was dished out for free on earlier mixtape "Deep Purple", probably due to the fact that it samples the notoriously problematic "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve. You see the "original" song which was a global hit when released in 1997 came into some trouble when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones claimed they used "too much" of an orchestral version of their track "The Last Time" to warrant the 50/50 royalty split they had negotiated. A lawsuit followed which ended up with The Verve having to hand over ALL royalties earned from the song forever and always, even though they wrote lyric and melody themselves. Moral of the story… don't mess with them old boys!