TSG’s NEW // NOW // NEXT Feat. Mariah Carey, Bridget Kelly and Chasing Grace

Every month I offer up opinions on the latest tunes the world wide web has to offer in a feature we’re calling New/Now/Next. This week we see why it really does take two. We have a legend alongside one of RnB’s hottest rising stars, an Emeli Sande co-signed duo and a two of the most promising US singers teaming up for a special re-mix.

New - Mariah Carey x Miguel - "Beautiful"


Mariah is on a mission people! A Mission to let us know she is relevant and here to stay. From recruiting one of the hottest young stars, Miguel, to the almost cringe worthy hash tagged title. But in all honesty, this is where the smell of desperation is overwhelmed by the smell of something, well, #Beautiful! From the opening of the airy mid tempo it seems like this is going to be a full on Miguel joint. But in true Mariah fashion she sweeps in with flawless falsetto and block harmonies to run the show. Unlike some of her contemporaries (*ahem* Madonna) there doesn’t seem to be any exploitation going on here. Miguel, whilst a big RnB star is yet to really make the jump to mainstream- something Mariah lives and breathes- just check out the American Idol spot as well as those 19 number 1’s! All in all it feels organic and fresh for the legendary diva who definitely needed a boost.

Now: Luke James x Bridget Kelly - "I.O.U." Remix


"I.O.U." Remix ft Bridget Kelly from Roc Nation on Vimeo.

Both these talented singers have already popped up on our radar here at TSG. With Bridget Kelly having shot the video to her recent single “Street Dreaming” and Luke James currently on the worldwide Mrs Carter Tour it seems like things are full steam ahead for them both. Now with their star steady rising the friends have teamed up for a remix to Lukes latest single “IOU”. The smooth track see’s them both deliver stellar vocals which complement each other so well it has me thinking they may need to forget this solo thing and become the new Sonny and Cher- just a thought!. With no video as of yet and the two seemingly too busy to shoot one here’s hoping the pair have a few other collabs ready for their respective albums, both due later this year.


Next: Chasing Grace - "Trust"


Right now there aren’t many people who could give a stronger UK co-sign than Emeli Sande. Chasing Grace consist of Grace Ackerman and Philip Plested who met at performing arts college- they’re still only 19 and 17!- and have managed to land themselves a deal at Island Records. The duo have already been on tour with Emeli Sande and Devlin and their new EP “Dinner Will Be Served” was released this week and features the single “Trust”. Vocally there is no weak link here- both have a distinct tone and  deliver real emotion in the stirring single. I’ve heard the EP too and there’s definitely more where that came from! Check them out.