MUSIC VIDEO: Brooke Candy - 'I Wanna F*** Right Now'

Children cover your ears! Let me just say, I refuse to apologise for bringing this to you (via a good friend- thanks Pop!) we all need a little 'fun' once in a while right?
Brooke Candy is a Rapper/Stripper (you don't hear that job title enough these days!) who's causing some serious noise on the web. Her extremely blunt delivery and sexualised image is every fathers worst nightmare- but somehow she manages to make it feel unrehearsed and entirely necessary. The 23 year old Cali native and daughter of a former Hustler employee counts the notorious Lil'Kim as a major inspiration, inspiration which is ever present in her most recent release "I Wanna Fuck Right Now". Whilst you may not wanna put this on when your parents are round for tea- I defy you to not get "turnt up" as soon as they leave! Check it out below.