NEW VIDEO: M.I.A - "Bring The Noize"

mia_zps629bef7c Will we ever get this album from M.I.A?! 2012 saw the release of fan favourite "Bad Girls" with an accompanying video that received much acclaim. Now amidst rumours of her label urging her to record darker material before they release its parent album "Mathangi" M.I.A is back with a new single and new video "Bring The Noize". It's hard to look at what she does without some admiration. So yes, she isn't the best singer/rapper and doesn't really talk of anything of much merit but she does always stay true to her own distinctive style. I love the way that her culture is continuously referenced in her videos and "Bring The Noize" is no different. Plus you have to love the bravado displayed with M.I.A in her Lil'Kim inspired wig!

How a 37 year old millionaire mother of one manages to stay more exciting and relevant than half the chicks in the game is beyond me….!