International Women's Day: We Salute You, Janet Jackson

Today I would like to mention Janet Jackson who has continued to inspire me since my younger years. I have chosen to show "Rhythm Nation" as this is Ms Jackson in her prime, performing with strength and conviction in every word and every step. The song, the clothing, the choreography, the location, the direction, it is all so fitting and could not have been put together any better. It reminds me of my youth and is still very relevant today and holds a very positive message.

Janet Jackson’s fourth album "Rhythm Nation 1814" took a new look at musical integrity and the responsibilities an artist has to the audience. “I just want my music and my dance to catch the audience’s attention, and to hold it long enough for them to listen to the lyrics and what we’re saying,” said Janet of the new direction. "Rhythm Nation 1814" was a socially conscious driven album that focused on the changes or lack there of occurring in society. The album’s lyrical content targeted injustice, illiteracy, crime, drugs, and racial intolerance, all of which was done to a slamming beat that kept audiences intrigued and dancing.

Selling over 100 million records and listed as the 11th best selling artist in the US. Janet may have only 10 no.1 hits on the Hot 100. But Janet also has 16 no.1 R&B singles and 19 no.1 Dance hits. Janet is the first and only artist in history to produce 7 top five hits from one album. She has 26 million certified albums in the US and has at least one chart topper in each of the past 4 decades.

I could talk forever about Janet Jackson however I will stop here and take you back to 1989 and let you enjoy the powerful sounds of the old school.

Janet Jackson I thank you and salute you.