NEW: Drake - Started From The Bottom

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One would assume that a song about a man and his team making it to the top would contain a little more joy, right? No such luck with Drizzy. From the opening bars of the menacing piano driven beat, you are politely informed that this is no celebration. Drake goes on to talk about not wanting any fake new friends and the fact that the rise was more of a struggle than the media would have you believe. If I was in the club after a Ribena - or three - and this came on, I reckon I'd be in my element. However sitting on my bed on a cold Sunday afternoon, I can't help but feel a little cheated: the last three singles we got from him were Classic Drizzy moments with HYFR, Take Care and The Motto; hence, I was expecting the first single off his new album to have a little more Umph (for want of a better word). Sounds to me like someones spent a little too much time smoking shisha with The Weeknd whilst listening to Meek Mills…  #JUSTSAYING