New Music: Angel Haze - Same Love (Remix) A Personal Take on LGBTQ Stigmas

"I accepted you for you, when I didn't understand, now love me for me, cause this is who I am.."

Brooklyn rapper Angel Haze deliver's a very personal & heartfelt rendition of Macklemore's hit, 'Same Love'.

Passionately addressing misinformed generalisations regarding LGBTQ issues and sexuality, the 22 year-old bravely shares the story of her own Mother's struggle to accept her sexuality, rhyming, "Locked away for 2 years to keep me on the inside/ cause she'd rather see a part of me die, than me thrive", lines that are sure to be resonant for many.

Angel Haze's cover hold's it own beside Macklemore's much praised original, echoing the same sentiments, but more intensely, and from the perspective of someone directly affected by the issue. And as someone who didn't really 'get' the Angel Haze hype before, I have to admit that this has got me paying attention. Take a listen below.