TUNE!! Banks - “This Is What It Feels Like”. Prod. by Lil Silva and Jamie Woon

So I’ve been hearing about this Banks character for some time and aside from a few snippets from her EP which was released in September I wasn’t too impressed. That was until I hear the SUBLIME single “This Is What It Feels Like”. Produced by Lil Silva and Jamie Woon the track manages to capture the woozy vocals and vibe found throughout Woons last solo effort. With a video premiered by the very trendy Noisey and already on tour with The Weeknd it looks like this (stunningly beautiful) lady is about to capture the hearts of many. Having listened to the EP in its’s entirety I pray she just locks herself in a room with Woon and Silva- I need more from the threesome! If you haven’t already figured it out I’m officially in love- follow suit by clicking play below.

 Banks - “This Is What It Feels Like”