New/ Now/ Next Reality TV Special, feat. Danity Kane, Mac Miller and Jeremih

What we don’t do here at TSG is cover the going on’s with who’s fighting who and who’s cussing who on those reality shows (I didn’t say we don’t watch now!). However, it’s hard to deny that through reality TV- both music and drama focused we’ve seen a lot of great music emerge. Be it an old skool or hot off the press artist- there’s no doubting TV gets us to love songs faster, harder and deeper than before. This New Now Next takes a look at some of the hottest reality based tunes to hit the web this week.

New - Mac Miller - “Faces”

Mac Miller has been quietly outselling your favourite rapper for some time now- and all on his own independent label! After every album run there’s speculation as to whether he’ll bite the bullet and hop on one of the big music machines but for now he’s back with some fresh (and free) material in the form of mix tape “Faces”. As ever, there doesn’t seem to be too many choices made to chase mainstream success but you have to give him credit for staying well and truly in his own lane. Highlights include the soulful “Inside Outside” and Rick Ross featuring “Insomniak”. Get in to the collection below:

Now -Jeremih Feat YG - “Don’t Tell Em”

Mustard on the beat!! Is a sign that my behaviour for the following three minutes should be ignored- something about a DJ Mustard beat seems to turn me a little crazy and this is no different. Hot off his appearance on the new season of the ultimate Ratchfest Love and Hip Hop ATL, Jeremih releases what sounds like one of his best singles. “Don’t Tell Em” features west coast rapper of the moment YG and samples the dance classic “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap!. Jeremih has put a few great singles out in the past that seem to get a bit of buzz then disappear. Here’s hoping that his team follow through with this one and get some movement on the talented singer/songwriters career!

Next -Danity Kane Feat Tyga - "Lemonade"

Many people outside of America will be reaching for Google when I mention the name Danity Kane but these ladies are 2 for 2 in regards to number one albums in the states! After fighting and crying over Diddy’s treatment of them on the MTV hit show Making The Band, the ladies disbanded, dropped a couple members and had various levels of solo success. However, around 6 months ago the internet was abuzz with news that the ladies (minus original member D-Woods) had reformed and were working on music again. Since the much hyped announcement that they were indeed back together it looks as though the ladies may have lost another member (Aundrea is nowhere to be seen in recent social media) but this hasn’t stopped them feeding the internet with new single “Lemonade”. They’ve decided not to stray too far from their usual urban pop and the single serves as a reminder of just how distinct the group sound with those layered harmonies! Helped along with the Clipse sample the beat definitely goes in and it’s hard to deny that the 4 some (or maybe 3 some) seem to be on to something here. I mean, the music before wasn’t particularly ground breaking and they did pretty well, but now with the likes of Jason Derulo and Ariana Grande topping the charts its hard to deny the ladies certainly couldn’t have picked a better time to re-emerge. Take a listen to the banger below: